Med School Maladies and Other Anecdotes

The life, times and farcicality of an ambitious med student

Things That Make Me Happy

on June 12, 2013

Sometimes I forget to stop and appreciate all the little things

Family time
Reading in the Sunshine
Learning something new
Baking (with low-fat substitutes)
The Movie Pitch Perfect
Bonfires (with smores)
Playing guitar
The song “I’m gonna be (500 Miles)”
Facetime (keeps me in touch with those in Africa/NY)
Watching trashy shows and eating popcorn
Butterflies in my stomach from a cute boy
Lotion with sparkles
The color Pink
Quotes… all kinds of inspiring quotes
The feeling of relief after a stressful exam
Catching up with an old friend
Drinking beer with a new one
Live Music (especially when it’s outside)
The Beach
Spanish as a language
Waking up to a text that says “I love you”
Dressing up for no reason
My Denim house shirt from Dow
Fish tanks
People who snort when they laugh
Rock climbing
Walking in the Sand
Road trips with snacks 🙂


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